Square imagines and designs street furniture
for a new use of time and urban space


Materials and finishes

All treatment and finish is made in our workshop


Data sheet Ecoteck™
Data sheet Ecoteck™ (PDF)

Recyclable composite slats made from linen fibers and polymere. Profile manufactured by extrusion according to NF 514 norm.

  • Aspect/feel : wood.
  • Finish : Easy'net protection lotion.
  • Garantee : auto-extinguishible, rot-proof, guaranteed rigidity, easy care.


Composite of cement and glass (CCV) made of sand, cement, hydraulic binder and glass fibre.

Aspect / Feel : Terracota. The terracota surface effect is kept in glazed and unglazed versions.

Colours and finish :
  • Terracota or grey (unglazed), blue or green (glazed), batch-dyed.
  • Painted according to RAL colour chart, mat or gloss (on request)
  • Anti-graffiti mat or gloss treatment (on request)
  • Garantee : This material presents the aesthetic qualities of terracota (warm and traditional colours) and the mecanic qualities of a composite material (impact-resistant-8 to 14 N/mm²-and frost-resistant).
Terracotta Ceranova Ceranova Grey Ceranova glazed stoneware Ceranova blue paint Blue glazed Ceranova Red paint Ceranova Green glazed Ceranova


  • Exotic wood: Moabi ou Tali – FSC forest certification (on request).
  • European wood: Black locust or -PEFC forest certification.
  • Black locust: Only European wood naturally rot-resistant (class 4).
  • Northern Pine: Treated by Class 4 autoclave
  • Aspect / feel : Wood keeps its natural aspect thanks to finish by application of saturator.
  • Finish according to the dimension of and wood species:
    • On small sections of BLACK LOCUST and MOABI : 3 layers of saturator
    • On big sections of MOABI : 1 layer for seal coating and 2 layers of integrated surface coating in aqueous phase.
    • On Tali of all sections: 2 layers of integrated surface coating in aqueous phase.
  • Also provided without finish : wood can then slowly turn to a greyish shade.
To remember :
  • The application of teak oil or a saturator gives only a temporary finish which requires regular maintenance, whereas integrated surface coating keeps the finish of the wood much longer, but requires more care and cleaning.
  • BLACK LOCUST tends to become chapped in the first months of its exposition, but without damaging its high-resistance.


Self-patinated steel with forced surface corrosion.

  • Thickness of the steel: 4 mm
  • Appearance: rusty and nuanced
  • Treatment: oxidation, UV protection and application of a varnish.
  • Square corten steel has a treatment that blocks any sagging due to the evolution of the material.


Finished structural hollow sections cold.
316 l marine grade.
Brushed finish or electrolytic polishing.

Treatment of metal surfaces

Zink metallizing

  • Garantees : Efficient protection with extremely durable coating
  • On request : The thickness of the metallizing can be increased for products exposed to particularly strong weather conditions.
  • Some of our products can receive spray galvanizing protection instead of metallizing


  • Aspect / feel : Mat, gloss, sand, satin, textured, frosty finish…
  • Colours : RAL colour chart
  • Garantees : Quality finish and environmentally-safe. Polyester paints meet requirements of NFT 36-005 norm and have a high resistance to UV and excellent weatherability.

Norms and maintenance

  • Respects NF P99-610 norm :« Robustness and stability characteristics of public benches »
  • Respects of 15th January 2007 decree : « applying to technical prescriptions on pedestrian footpaths about the accessibility of roads, streets and public areas. »
  • Square recommends the application of NF 99-650 norm :
    « Street furniture creating comfort and cleanliness – Maintenance of street furniture – Organisation and monitoring of this maintenance »